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33 weeks pregnant

Your baby at 33 weeks pregnant

Your baby is the size of a pineapple.

Quick study

At this point, baby can see the liquid world around him or her, feel sensation when grabbing a toe or sucking on a finger, taste the amniotic fluid and hear your heartbeat. There's no air in the amniotic sac to carry scent, but if there were, baby would be able to smell the surrounding environment.

Heads up

Because of tremendous brain growth, your baby's head circumference has increased by nearly half an inch just this week. 

Mind the menu

It's more important than ever to pay attention to your diet. Your baby's protein and fat requirements are at their greatest over the next few weeks, so be sure to eat balanced meals. Your little one now measures 16.5 inches and weighs more than four pounds, with plans to double this weight over the next seven weeks.

Your pregnancy at 33 weeks

Scaling up

You'll continue putting on about a pound a week until just before delivery. Don't try to slow your weight gain: your baby needs the extra pounds right now. There'll be plenty of time to lose weight after delivery.

Wrestling with wrist pain

Many pregnant women develop carpal tunnel syndrome characterized by swelling around the nerves at the wrist due to water retention. The pain and swelling will probably disappear after you deliver. In the meantime, try shifting your sleeping position so that you're not putting any pressure on your hands or wrists. You may also want to wear a wrist brace to keep your wrist extended. Be sure to tell your provider about any pain you experience.

Did you know?

Your baby has now grown so much that there is less amniotic fluid in your uterus and more baby; so you’ll be feeling those kicks and jabs even more!  Did you know you can calm your baby by rocking in a rocking chair, swaying on a labor ball or doing some pelvic rocking on your hands and knees?

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